Wooden Chest

This wooden chest was part of my first project at SAE, where we had to create a chest to use in a bigger scene to “Promote” a made up game. The wooden chest itself was created by me, but the actual scene was made by the tutors to see how well we could make the chest, and animate it in the scene. For this project we were taught how to use Autodesk 3Ds Max to model, Unwrap, texture and eventually render the finished outcome.



No Texture model

The model itself took a few weeks to create. Since it was my first model, trying to figure out the program.

Chest UVs
The Unwrapping stage took longer for me due to the new set of tools that I had to learn in order to complete this task.
Chest diffuse


The texturing stage was simple enough, adding wooden colours and highlights to make it look good.

End Product


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