Steampunk Train!

During this project which was my main project during the trimester, I learnt a lot more about the many programs that we can use, mainly very up and coming program called Quixel Suite and the Unreal Engine 4! This project required us to create a landscape in the unreal engine that followed a story or uncovered a story as the camera flew through the train.

For this project we had a small group of 5 people who all worked on something relating to this project, and we also found some audio students willing to help us on this project. Their audio was really nice and very clean. Here’s hoping it gets implemented into the scene if we continue this project, which some of us will.

As I said earlier this project was to create a landscape based upon a story that followed a set theme, our theme was a steam punk style, and our setting was a train that was going through the snowy mountains. Our group which as said consisted of 5 members and some audio students. I was the only one who put all of the assets into the unreal engine and placed everything whereas the rest of the members just modeled the assets and textured their models. During this process I learnt how to mainly get started in the engine, placing items, importing various assets and textures, using said textures in the material viewer/creator by plugging them into their respective slots and finally adding lights.

This is just a few assets that i created during this project. Overall Our team made over 100 different assets with me making quite a lot of them. Following some concept images created by the other artists in the group we followed the look and style of steam-punk or Victorian era stuff. As said before i did most of the unreal engine asset placement and creation of materials so yeah i followed a lot of the reference images and concepts created by our group. The style was followed really closely to better incorporate everyone concepts into the project.




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