Planning, Research and Techniques

My latest project being the world builders project which was just create a 3d landscape in an engine, this meant that i had to create 3d models and implement them into the game engine. This also meant that i had to create 3d assets following modern game workflows, which i have researched to complete before this project, I also followed along with the PBR Texturing workflow because I absolutely love using quixel to texture assets as i’m not very good at it otherwise.

The world-builders project had many stakeholders, them being the facilitators and teachers along with the members that made up our group. A stakeholder is entitled to a share of our project.

Medium Poly asset creation is one of the latest techniques to be used in the industry because of the game engines now-a-days being able to handle them, but usually cannot handle a lot of high textures on those medium poly assets. Another technique that will always be used in a game engine is a normal map, I have used many highpoly bakes in all of my assets because they save quite a lot of poly use and still make my assets look quite nice. Since I heard of quixel and it’s PBR texturing I have been using that as it seems to be used in quite a few video games of recent (one being Halo, and many artists in the industry) It is really fun to texture my assets in quixel because of how easy it is do so.

Games stuff
Currently i am attached to a small game that is being made by studio 2 game devs called “Doggos Cribz” Yeah it’s a little bit silly but it was something for me to so that I can continue the work on my final project. So far i couldn’t actually do anything big or landscape/environment wise, but they were probably going to do that stuff anyways. So i had to make whatever i could snag off other members of the team which included small things you might find at a dog park, and a few dog toys (which aren’t done yet) and a dog, which is currently not my favorite part of this project because i am not a character modeler, one other thing about the dog is that we have to make it low poly, im OK at making some low poly stuff but it’s hard to get started.


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