My Attempt at a Shot Deconstruction.

My latest project titled “World-builders” has us building a small or large environment based off of a passage in a book which ended up being a short story by H.P.Lovecraft, here we had to create a shot or multiple. Here I am going to try to explore some of the ideas I had while trying to find the best camera angles in my own shot. One thing to note about this book is that it is a short story, it is a very vague book and there might not be enough information to garner a decent deconstruction.

My original shot seemed too bland and very very similar to the other shots in my group’s own shots. My shot became a low side tracking zoom that slowly reveals everything in my scene gradually. The main point of my scene is the “Mighty Wall” & the “Small Bronze Gate” where I have to keep my camera focused on both of those set pieces in my shots.


For my camera I wanted a nice revealing zoom, so that i could make the reveal of the “gate” more effective. This kind of movement would help me show off some of my environment and assets while also keeping with the book. Shot one has a sort of swooping arc as it follows the terrain as it moves to the other side of the scene. Many scenes have a similar effect of angle and motion but none come to mind that are identical when thinking of this shot. One such scene i can think of would be in maybe eragon, but the lack of video to show sucks. I also took much inspiration from the latest jungle book, but again no reference.

I’ve used a few shots from both the jungle book and crysis 3 as reference for my own shot and to show how the revelation works. (Be warned spoilers in the crysis 3 vid.) The scene from 3:20 is very close to how i wanted my scene.


The colouring in my scene is very bright, the scene is supposed to be set in a dream sequence after all. Everything has to be beautiful and precise to the point where some things are just slightly off and or are angled differently to give the impression that nothing is in the right place. The scene is set in a ruined area, very overgrown very green along with the ruins being the dull stoney colour. I wanted the viewer to see a nice happy place, somewhere that they can feel safe and welcome.


Like with the colour of my scene, it is meant to be dark but kept much brighter to give the feeling of a nice happy place that someone might be dreaming up. This means that the sun could be peering through many trees and holes in the ruined stone walls. Much of the light is coming from the big yellow sun in the sky, it may feel like real life but to the character and the coupling of the other members shot, it would definitely seem like a dream while still keeping a normal feel. I wanted the brightness make the viewer feel like they themselves are in a nice place, just like the character that the story is based on.

The sun is directly view able but is only illuminating the area that it can see itself, much of the forest floor is quite dark and unilluminated by the sun.


The direction that i am trying to take with my scene is trying to push the viewer to see a dream sequence in action, something that may seem right but is actually very different. The scene is leading the viewer through a journey towards the end, that being the gate through the arches. The end being his death(the character). The camera direction is leading the viewer towards the gate by revealing what is needed.


The sound behind my scene is what the group chose as I feel that their scenes have more dream like settings and it would fit them better, whereas mine is just a follow up and conclusion of their journeys. The music is very calming and smooth, it would feel like it was a journey and it fits the aesthetic of my scene.


The content in my scene is very reminiscent of something from the jungle book or part of an old ruin that hadn’t been used in eons. I studied much of the jungle scenes from the jungle book and lord of the rings (many scene throughout relate to the scene) along with games like crysis, battlefield. The content throughout all of those pieces of media can relate to how my scene looks. It should give the viewer a sense of happiness something that can be given in any number of movies with similar shots.

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