Reasearching and implementing !

Using current workflows is probably the best way to go at something if you are trying to go into the industry because it’s what is currently the best for many artists in the industry, so if you are creating an asset for a game, you have to figure out a way to do it that is easy to accomplish and understandable. Most game assets have different workflows depending on the asset.

The most well known way to create an asset for a game is to create a low to mid poly asset using as much reference or concept as you can, from there one must create a higher detailed version of that same asset alongside floaters that should add more detailed parts to your asset, this could be accomplished using a sculpting program or just the basic modifiers that are easily accessible. The asset must have good topology if it is needed to pass as a good model that works well with any modifiers. The next thing to work to is an unwrap for the low poly asset. Which will spew out the baked maps onto.

The baking will all come down to having a good unwrap which will bake the high poly asset down to the low poly asset. This will yield a normal map that will show the detail put onto it from the high poly version.

The asset should also have an AO map baked down as well for fake shadows and depending on your desired program that you wish to texture in, a Material_ID. The next step is to texture, i personally like quixel as it i’m bad at texturing in general but anything is good as long as you know how to use it.

Once everything is done and dusted the asset can finally be exported out to be imported into a game engine or the like to create the game, or level/environment.
Throughout my specialization i have been using this pipeline because it is probably the most easy to accomplish since games is where i want to be headed into. A model i worked on at the start of my course was a shotgun which was decently low poly, i worked on even more and applied the above workflow onto so as to use it as a game asset.


Low-Mid Poly Asset


High Poly Asset


The pipeline that I have chosen for my specialization (which is modeling) is following a games production pipeline that includes making high poly detailed versions of my models and baking them onto a low poly model.

From start to finish that includes modeling a low poly or high poly depending on where one would like to start and then create a high poly or low poly model the opposite to what you’ve done and bake down normal maps and others if needed to successfully render in a game engine. Alongside this I will bake down an AO – or Ambient occlusion, all that is is fake lighting on the model to simulate very subtle shadows and a Material ID to go with quixel.

For my specification, will use the quixel suite because i just love it so much and it’s helpful for me because of my texturing skills which are quite bad. In the end i can rendering out the textured model in many formats that can be accepted by the many game engines out there.

If time is on my side, i will put my models into unreal to showcase that it’s possible for my models to work.



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