Hey, Welcome to my blog!

My Name’s Patrick and I’m currently studying at Qantm Collage in Brisbane doing a bachelor of animation. I Decided to join at Qantm because well, I’m a gamer and I wanted to get into the Games/3D industry so I chose 3D animation.

Back in 2010 I went to a game company called lightmare studios as part of a student traineeship where I earned a Cert III in Media, during this traineeship I was taught a little animation and some modelling, I didn’t make anything great but well it’s a start.

After I finished, I started to do some other things using blender 3d as I found it really easy to use.


2nd Project at Qantm!

Now that I’m at Qantm I can hope to learn a lot more from the people who teach and do some even cooler stuff!

So now that I’ve started my 2nd trimester at qantm collage, I have completed my first assessment where I chose to finally finish the weapon shown to the right, which meant that I had to port it over into 3Ds max and fix up some of the stuff ups that it caused during the port, I also had to unwrap the texture of my model, which was completely different compared to blender. Texture it and render it nicely. This assignment was very fun but i also has to juggle the other classes, like drawing and ciu110.. So completing this assignment was a tough task.

It’s currently the third trimester and well, we’ve started studio units!
But last trimester we had to create a 3D character base mesh and then create our own character. I found an awesome concept image of Tigger as a more humanoid character. so I decided to create that.. It turned out awesomely because we had to animate it as well.


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  1. Jodie says :

    Totally awesome blog!

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